A new church with a long legacy.

Church of the Redeemed was planted in the 1940s on K Street in what is now Downtown Sacramento. During the beginning years the church moved to various locations throughout North Sacramento before purchasing property off of Lower Marysville Rd, now known as Northgate Blvd. The church became known as Northgate Assembly of God and grew a strong discipling culture and a hunger arose for revival in our city. Then in the early 90s a new property was secured in the North Natomas area. The name was changed to Arena Christian Center, reflecting the area that housed the Sacramento Kings at Arco Arena; for 30 years the church impacted lives in the local community.

All things go through cyclical change and churches are no exception; after a season of decline, the remaining people again sought the will of God for the future. In 2018 the church began to reposition herself with new determination. We will be a church that pursues the Presence of God, makes people a priority and intentionally practices a lifestyle of following Jesus. A new generation of people are laying it all on the line to reignite the purposes God birthed in this local church almost 80 years ago. We are Rise Church – a church focused on raising up people to live and love like Jesus. The best is yet to come.

The Christian life is all about resurrection – dead things live and new life is a flourishing life.

Everywhere we read in the bible we find new life. Death, loss and brokenness are never final. God is in the business of resurrection. This is why we’re called Rise Church. We are people who have experienced the life-giving Presence of Jesus Christ and desire to introduce others to experience the same.